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Pendaftaran Beasiswa Internasional Malaysia 2022

Pendaftaran Beasiswa Internasional Malasia 2022
 Pendaftaran Beasiswa Internasional Malaysia 2022 - Pendaftaran Beasiswa Internasional Malaysia 2022, Peluang menarik buat kalian yang ingin melanjutkan Kuliah dengan menggunakan Beasiswa, Beasiswa Internasional Malaysia membuka beasiswa untuk Magister dan Doktoral buat kalian.

Siswa Internasional dari ASEAN dan negara persemakmuran, Afganista, Aljazair, Cina, Kanada, Mesir, Perancis, Georgia, Hongg Kong, Yordania, Kazakhstan, Maroko, Palestina, Qatar, Arab Saudi, Senegal, Korea Selatan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turki

Pendaftaran Beasiswa Internasional Malaysia 2022

Syarat Usia

  • Maksimal 40 Tahun (Magister)
  • Maksimal 45 Tahun (Doktoral)

Syarat Bahasa Inggris

  • IELTS ; Minimal 6.0 atau
  • Toefl Minimal 550 Berdasarkan tes tertulis

Kualifikasi Akademik

  • Pelamar Magister GPA 3.0
  • Pelamar Doktoral GPA 3.0


  • Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) is an initiative by the Malaysian Government to attract brilliant minds from around the world to pursue postgraduate studies in Malaysia. This scholarship is parallel with Malaysia's aspiration to emerge as one of the global centres of academic excellence by attracting, motivating and retaining talented human capital from abroad.
  • Interested international graduates with outstanding academic and co-curricular backgrounds are welcome to apply for this scholarship to further their studies in leading Malaysian universities and higher education institutions with the opportunity to enjoy Malaysian hospitality and a world-class higher education experience.
  • The call for application for the academic year 2022/2023 will be opened from 15th May 2022 until 15th June 2022



  • The Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP) was established in 1980 as Malaysia’s commitment to South-South Cooperation through the sharing of Malaysia’s development experiences and expertise with other developing countries.
  • The objectives of the MTCP are:
  • To share experience with other developing countries;
  • To strengthen bilateral ties with developing countries;
  • To encourage and promote South-South Cooperation; and
  • To encourage and promote technical cooperation within developing countries.
  • MTCP is premised on the principle that the development of a country is dependent on the quality of its human capital and resources. MTCP emphasizes on human resources development mainly through training and capacity-building courses including short-term courses at Malaysian public and private training institutions, and long-term courses at Malaysian public universities.
  • Annually, Malaysia's flagship MTCP offers more than 60 technical training and capacity-building programmes in vast areas of development to developing countries in collaboration with leading local training institutions and international development partners. To date, more than 34,500 participants from 144 developing countries have benefited from the various programmes offered under the MTCP.

The MTCP Scholarship is sponsored by the Malaysian government and is dedicated to international students from the developing world to pursue their postgraduate studies in Malaysia, whilst at the same time acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that could contribute to the development of their home country. The duration of the award is between 12 to 24 months for Master's Degree Programme.

Pendaftaran Beasiswa Internasional Malasia 2022 untuk informasi lebih lengkap atau buat kalian yang ingin mendaftar silahkan melalui laman

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